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5 Android Tips that ALL Android Users MUST Know

Not without reason if Android is increasingly being used by smartphone users. Besides, because it does bring a cheaper price choice, the reason people choose Android rather than the iPhone is also that Android is easier to customize. But, many Android users don't know how to use an Android smartphone properly, so the results are lacking. So, let's look at the collection of the best Android users from Nico!

Best Android User Tips

Don't have to root Android or change Custom ROMs, to be good at Android you can try the following cool Android tips.

1. Take Screenshot Without Pressing a Button

Taking screenshots on Android can be done with the combination button. But if you install the Screenshot Crop & Share application, you can take screenshots on Android without pressing any buttons. Even with this application, you can take a partial screenshot.

2. Hiding Files and Applications Without Other Applications

The next Android tips, you don't need to install another application if you want to hide photo files, videos or applications. On Android Lollipop, you just have to make Guest Mode or other modes. So, all your files and applications will be safe. The Sims 5 Release Date Rumors and Features

3. Become a Developer

Even though you are only a user, Google provides access if you want to act as a developer. It's easy, by going to the Developer Option on your Android. You can do a lot if you enter the Developer Option.

4. Speeding up the Android that is Aging

You don't need root access to speed up lagging Android smartphones. By entering Developer Options and changing all of the Animation Scale numbers, you can speed up your slow Android. To activate it you can go to Settings> Developer Options> then search for all parts with the Animation Scale option.

5. Rely on Google

One feature of Android is that all systems are supported by Google. Naturally, because Android was developed by Google.

Therefore, while you are using an Android smartphone, one of the tips for Android users is that you should use all the services and applications developed by Google.

Google will definitely make all the applications perfectly integrated on all Android devices. Use Gmail for e-mail applications, YouTube for streaming, Photos for gallery applications, Play Music, Google Keep to make notes, and so on.

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